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Succubus says: "Make me real... you know how."

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What might it mean if a succubus says "make me real?" When I ask how, she says "you know how." This has occurred on two occasions now.

First of all, the wording is odd because it implies that she knows or feels she is not currently "real." Secondly, it is frustrating because, honestly, I don't know how! I guess I have some clues:

1. She has mentioned wanting or having a "vessel," in the past. I presume that might be relevant?

2. I am aware of a ritual used by Austin Osman Spare to manifest "succube" in physical. However the recipe is intentionally incomplete because the ritual is allegedly "highly dangerous." I'm basing this all on one source however.

And finally: should I even be trying to do this? One medium has suggested that the succubus I contact is very powerful, and I don't want to be unleashing some kind of terror on myself or loved ones.

Thanks and regards all!


I think the question is in the personal meaning this has to you. What does "real" mean to you? Do you consider her to in some way not be real?
Maybe you are not giving her the proper emotional investment?
What comes to mind here to me, disregarding the personal view, is the meme from Donald Trump's campaign:
"Make anime real" or "Donald Trump will make anime real."
It's an absurd statement but emotionally still sensical within the right context. I think the answer is somewhere around there, if it isn't personal. scratch


Thanks for the reply. I was thinking along those lines, but it's hard to nail down because I don't really have a strict personal definition of reality, but I also know that in common usage people usually use it to mean physical materiality.

I know it was just an example, but you might be onto something with the emotional investment thing. Like even though I don't philosophically preference materiality, maybe my attitude doesn't really match that and emotionally I see her as "less than" a physical entity.

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