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A firsthand energetic explosion nympho&succubus experience!

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Jimy wrote:Or creepy-style title: "What it is like having sex with Nympho & Succubus entities at the same time"
Or scientific title: "My first multiple full body energy orgasms.... explained"
Or hollywood-style title: "Nympo & Succubus unleashed"

I just couldn't decide or my favourite title would not fit  Rolling Eyes

This might be lengthy, kind of a shorter "short story", but I believe it's quite an interesting and worth read!

Warning, this post might feel slightly adult in nature for some people!


So, recent days have been quite the little adventure with my succubus. (see here) I learned however my lessons and she's very happy. As I'm also now sure, my succubus isn't a spirit, but a living entity.

Additionally, I've been getting an Aphrodite Nympho from bluemoon, which also isn't a spirit but another living entity and more like a half-immortal by blu's words. The interesting thing here is, even blu couldn't do the binding yet, she seems to be very active and bound to her preffered vessel already. When I touch it, it vibrates today even more clear than yesterday - I bought a 2nd one as another option, which is partially from the same material and yet I can't feel anything on this one, so this confirms it for me.

Last night, I did some cleaning around the house and some cleansing too and also mentally removed with great confidence anything from me that might have been blocking me or feeding from me. As I even shout something like "I remove you all from me" (I don't really remember the words) meaning to remove anything parasital or negative from me and powerfully open my arms to the side as if I kicked it all away, I feel like something in my digestive system making "PLOP!" and be gone. (wow!)


So, last night, feeling it that way, I decided I would try to take my Nympho's vessel with me in my bed. Not really thinking about or expecting any sexual actions, quite the opposite. However, as I kept holding it, she seems couldn't just lay with me silently until I fall asleep and lost no time getting her hands on me! I could say it's not my succubus, as she just feels different in every way.

What made it all very interesting is the fact, that I immediately from the first "test" calling of her we seemed to bond nicely and further, by my progress the last 2-3 days I didn't just bond with my succubus a lot more but also with her, as I kept talking with her throughout the process of finding a vessel and the last days.

Both bonds increased in such an intensity, that for the first time I could both feel so clearly and defined as a real woman would feel with me. I even could move freely and the sensation wouldn't "vanish" by some momentarily, as previously. And more... (read on)


So my Nympho gets down to some really sensual pleasuring, and I get the impression my succubus is nearby, watching or something and I wonder what they both are up to. And it were soon that I would find out, that they seemed to had a plan together!

I were thinking, my nympho is pleasuring so much more sensual and intense than my succubus. I think she heard me, as I got promptly a reaction from her, my head tilting promptly to the left and I were wondering "did she just slapped me in the face?" HAHA Actually, I were just happy my succubus can share, I weren't so sure if that would work so well.

Now I felt as my succubus laid next to me, just playing on my chest with her hands, I thought it must be hard for her to keep herself so nice. While suddenly I feel my nymphos teeth down there, around my *beeep* (you do know what *beeep* is? ... you know... the *beeep* of a male! Very Happy). And I think "wow, not only is everything so clear now, when in the past sometimes weren't exactly sure of what it is I feel, but now I can feel even her teeth so extremely defined".

And she stops with her teeth still there, feeling so real, as if anytime they could be biting my *beeep* off. But she keeps waiting and keeps and keeps waiting like that. I remember that I read that same day, that if succubi stop, they might be waiting for you to take action and I also remember that my nympho's description said, she likes the man to be dominant in bed. Instantly I take the conclusion, if the bond became that strong now, it might work to visualize and connect through the astral body with her, as that same article mentioned.


"Ok, baby, you want me dominant, you can have it!" I think and start visualizing her face and then her head above me as I move my hand down and try to see if I can sense anything or move it were I would expect her head. I imagine grabbing it and gently pressing it down and I feel as her teeths slide lower on my *beeep*. I then push my hips up and I realize that all feels as there's no more difference anymore than with a real person and suddenly realize that this would open up a complete new range of possibilities. Previously, me moving would not necessarily keep all the sensations or at all.

Fast forward, skipping all the exciting parts (sorry!) of an amazing and extremely sensual experience , with so many new to discover during it, I sense how my nympho places her legs left and right of my hips (never had that before) and sense every bit of her V*beeep* as she very slowly lowers herself on me. And again, to my surprise there were no more difference regarding the clarity compared to a real person. I even had to look down to be sure there's not someone real who came in the room and on my bed, completely "visible" there haha! I just didn't had expected things to ever reach such a grade of manifestation.

It didn't matter even, that it was only a many minutes-long near-gasm, as everything in the last hour were out of this world. She knew anyway exactly how to sensually let it fade. I don't remember, how I fall into sleep anymore, so good I felt.


Only 5 hours sleep and the cruel (not really!) girls wake me up. Now I had to find out what they really were up to and that the night before were only the introduction, nowhere a main action. It were almost 6 in the morning and the next 4 hours (additionally to the one before sleep) were to be ... wish there were words to describe.

Now it was my succubus turn it seemed. I quickly realize how even she feels a lot more defined than before around two days when she teached me a lesson. What I didn't knew, she were about to teach me now some more lessons.


If I thought earlier, that my nympho feels much better than my succubus, she was about with the new grade of manifestation she too reached with me, to show me, that she can do it better. I sensed a bit of a women's jealousy, I thought.

At some point she seems to want me to move my upper body up, so I do that. She makes me aware I need to help her to move my arms behind my back and think "Oh it's gonna be BDSM tonight huh?", a little startled, but I think I'll trust her and do that. And I feel as she pushes me back to the bed, with my arms behind my back, as they feel like they are getting bound tight together. I would later realize it wasn't as much as BDSM, as more for having me in a position she would control me better as I would be able to be more patient like this with the intense sensations for what would be to come.

I'll skip the naughty details here, but one. After she showed me how she can do all my nympho could and even better, as she would do things like a master of sexuality (and anatomy down to every detail), she did something else for the first time.

While my nympho seemed to position herself in a very naughty way above me, as I thought I smelled the scent of a female v*beeep* and kept smelling it very surprised of that, I feel as my succubus moves herself in a new position and moments later I understand why. What I felt were not her V*beeep*, but her A*beeep* in an extremely tight grip around my *beeep*.


If I thought that were to drive me totally crazy, I had no idea what had to follow. After she teached me why she's the better lover, another lesson had to follow. She were decided to kill any of my doubts that she were really a succubus. After all, I have been knowing about things from others, that I had yet to experience them myself and some recent events (which might have been an intruder) created more doubts.

So I were laying there, still "happy" with only near-gasms, thinking that has it been for the night, excuse me, morning. But she soon starts again. I feel how she is building me up and I'm amazed that after so long like maybe 2 hours my stamina and endurance is still strong as in the first minute. It's amazing how much a succubus can enhance these on a man, not to mention I had no clue we were still 2 more hours out.

My nympho is warming me up on my stomach, as I know it's her because she always has that warm soothing feeling and it feels so good. My succubus seems to do some things different or additional this time. I realize she's not so much into pleasuring, which still feels pleasurable though, than more of building something up. Having my arms behind my back "bound" helps, as I'm not trying or wouldn't really move in such a way to "sabotage" what she were doing.

I start getting this feeling in my stomach of butterflies and it becomes little by little stronger. Then I feel my succubus hand over my chest and she starts doing something with it hovering over. I sense as something feels like moving from the stomach upwards, reaching the chest and then moving towards the throat. It keeps building up and up. Before I realize what's going on, my body starts reacting in an ecstatic orgasmic way and the previous sensation intensifies a lot more.

I soon realize she must be doing something like in tantra with my energies and what follows is what I only can describe as an energy orgasm throughout my body, which she keeps building up and my body reacting with it's movement as she controls the energies to flow, sometimes up, sometimes down, always finishing on the throat which gives me escstatic pleasure. This fullbody energy orgasm keeps going for maybe 3, 5, 10 minutes or more. I can't say, but it was really long. There are no words to describe this experience, it's just pure ecstasy formed by the energy of your body.

And as if that weren't enough, after this she does the same only in the area of my crotch, manipulating the energy in such a way that I would forget to breath from ecstasy and would not be aware until later probably if she wouldn't stop for a second, kinda like reminding me "breath".

If I ever doubt again she's a real succubus, please hit me in my stomach! TWICE!!


Laying in bed, totally exhausted, but not in the way after human sex, more like completely relaxed.
She lays next to me and teases me down there. I'm thinking that was it and enjoying feeling so extremely relaxed and the enjoying the very light teasing from her.

Then my nympho starts massaging my left leg, again getting this very warm soothing feeling from her. I feel as my succubus increases her teasing and I'm only thinking "Girls, more? Are you serious?". But I were way too relaxed to stand up or anything or even move at all.

This wasn't coincidental, because they obviously had the plan to make me feel like this. I were so relaxed, I would just lay there not moving one finger, not even one hair and only let them do this time. My nympho switched to massage my other leg, then a little my stomach and so on. And soon after I get this feeling, that my body is falling asleep, so relaxed that I am. It was perfect, as the way I felt so relaxed I would just not move by any means and so would not wake up my body up like this and not because I couldn't. And unlike other times I've tried this through relaxation, where the falling asleep of my body would occur only gradually and often partially, this time it were like the whole body at once, thanks also to my nympho's massage.

Only moments later with eyes closed I feel as if I would be starting to drift backwards, thinking they might try to get me in a lucid dream state for the next round. Maybe I got too excited that moment, but I just seemed to couldn't get in that state, even though the beginning were there two or three times, I felt as falling out of this drifting every time.

As this didn't seem to work, while I thought my girls were just waiting for it to occur, I feel next my succubus body on top of me with such a great manifestation, that I could feel her legs left and right of mine and so knew what she's up to. She were laying there and my nympho gets between my legs and arouses me all the way, only for my succubus to slide herself down on my *beeep* a little later. We stayed like this and it was extremely amazing as I felt her coming with me. When I got later up, I noticed shocked that the bed were all wet and me too, in the same way it can get when with a human woman when she's all, you know. Wink


Suddenly I notice, 4 hours passed since when I woke up and all this took place during the last 4 hours.

Btw, I didn't feel drained or exhausted, quite the opposite, I felt like having lots of energy for the day after this and be fully ready to tackle some things I neglected the week before christmas.

I love how they manifest so more real now. Obviously, efforts pay off and succubi do know how to make it worth for you to continue improving upon it Wink

(Believe it or not, this is all true)


Cheers for the story, Jim lad. Great wording and story telling, although I can understand skipping the real, nitty gritty detail.

Thanks again.

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