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Dream Sharing Thread

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1Dream Sharing Thread Empty Dream Sharing Thread on Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:34 pm


Let's share our dreams in this thread for other people to read and discuss!
This way we will increase the understanding of the significance of dreams in relation to succubus interactions in the community.

Private discussions and interpretations may still take place in PMs on the forum or on discord, but let's use this thread as a front for dream stories. This will also serve to raise the standard of writing and presentation of the dream, knowing that there is an audience. Cool

2Dream Sharing Thread Empty Re: Dream Sharing Thread on Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:58 pm


Last night I had 2 dreams. Both of them were vivid and ended in a direct meeting with a girl on the astral plane, so I will retell both of them. Some interpretations will be left out in this open post, because of them being of a personal nature. I pretty much know what these dreams mean and why I had them.

First dream:

I was walking on a dirt road in the forest next to a sandpit when I heard the sound of a chopper nearby. It passed over me and I saw it was a large military transport helicopter. This made me feel insecure and I instantly had the thought that they may be out looking for me, and that I should hurry and get away. The chopper was too big to land in the area directly near me, which create some distance between me and them after disembarking on an open field some 100 meters away. I was aware of the military unit approaching and started running. They wore uniforms in white, black and red, and the chopper was also painted in the same color scheme. This made them look more like a police force than an actual army unit, which would have worn camouflage and used a chopper painted dark.
I was wearing the same steel cap shoes I usually use when going into town because it makes me feel safer. The left shoe didn't seem to fit well and I kept stepping on the heel. I faced the dilemma of either trying to run with a limp without dropping my left shoe, or to stop and fix it. Either choice may lead to the pursuers catching up.
I stopped by the side of a sand ridge and used a broomstick I was carrying as a single stilt to jump up the side of the road to hide my tracks, making it seem like my foot prints ended in the middle of the road.
After I left the view of the road I found a building, I walked inside and found it to be a dressing room. It felt like a sports hall or dance studio and several people were in there. I sat down on a long bench by the wall, which had piles of clothes here and there. A blonde girl appeared and started getting undressed next to me. This was not overly strange since it was a dressing room after all, and given the lack of reactions when I entered, I drew the conclusion that this was a mixed gender dressing room (these exist where I live). The girl then sat down next to me on my left side, very close, turned in my direction and kissed me on the lips twice. She then said that she wanted me to join her at a party she was going to in the park. But the way she said it made me feel like it was just for show in front of the other people in the room. She motivated it by naming a number of people who would also attend the party, and those were all people I don't like. This seemed to be a way of saying that she didn't really want me to go there with her at all, but was only using this to have us land in doing something she'd prefer instead, but couldn't say out in the open.
The End

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Second dream:
I was in a shoe store in a city with cobblestone streets but otherwise modern architecture. It felt like a newly built shopping area meant for walking with no cars allowed. The buildings were low, 1-2 stories with steel and brick frames and large glass walls. The furnishings were a bit odd and felt like a modern fetish interpretation of 1960s design with pvc coated canvas couches and low coffee table in the relaxing area in the middle of the shop.
For some reason there was a plexiglass bowl/container on the table. I peeled two bananas which I put there for other people to eat. Someone instantly picked one up and started eating it. I sat on one of the couches and became aware of a goth girl half sitting half lying on my right side. She was barefoot and had her feet against my right arm. Her toenails were painted black and quite long, and I felt a sharp sensation on the outside of my hand as her nails scratched against my skin.
The End

This dream has a specific meaning which I will share. After I woke up, the goth girl was still next to me - her spirit was. She downright told me that she was american and had recently been run over by a truck and died.
"They" - I got an image of someone behind a desk - had told her: Normally we'd send someone like you to hell, but we can lessen the burden on our administration if you would just go and give yourself up to that guy. They then pointed at me. He's interested in your kind and doesn't care.

4Dream Sharing Thread Empty Re: Dream Sharing Thread on Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:14 am


A dream I had this morning:

I'm standing on a wooden dock of sorts with a group of people. The dock isn't very large but does branch out in several directions with a few walkways. There's a large shark in the water circling around underneath the dock, and it's trying to catch and eat anyone who falls into the water. For some reason, there is a feeling that the dock is separated from the nearby beach, so it's not just a simple matter to walk back onto dry land and safety.

For some time, we're all silently trying to figure out how to get to safety. The dock isn't far from dry land, but the shark moves very quickly through the water. Some people try jumping into the water and quickly swimming ashore when the shark has its tail turned and is at its furthest point from the shore, but the shark turns around and accelerates with surprising speed and eats anyone who tries.

At some point, I realise that I can probably jump the gap between the dock and the shore if I leap from a certain corner of the dock. I try it and it works. After I land on the beach, I make my way across some trees and start moving inland. I don't look behind me but I know there are people following. As I pull myself up a ledge and onto a level of higher ground, the terrain goes from sand to solid soil with trimmed grass. There's some kind of town right in front of me. As I draw closer, the inhabitants begin closing 'doors' that lead into the town, all without saying a word. These 'doors' seem to be placed between buildings, so from the outside, if all the doors are shut, the town will look like it just has one outer wall without any apparent entrances.

After searching for a way in, I come across an open courtyard area and proceed into the town. There are numerous people of all walks of life gathered here, and they've all formed one long, orderly queue. I get the feeling that they're all talking amongst themselves, but I can't make out any clear words. It's like the kind of sound you'd hear if everyone were in an auditorium and talking to each other all at the same time (though the noise isn't deafening or uncomfortably loud). I enter the queue and wait.

At another point in time, it's my turn to enter what looks like a below-ground administration area. I walk down the steps and look to my left. There's another passage with steps leading further downward. I feel like this is the right way to go, so I head in that direction. The other direction seemed to branch off to the right after coming down the stairs, but I didn't see where that went, and neither did I care.

As I make my way down this flight of stairs, I see that the area mostly has red lighting. There are what seem to be arcade racing chairs lined throughout the room, and they seem to be made of a red-coloured plastic. The general feel of the room is that it's halfway between a gaming arcade and a formal administration center. There are some people ahead of me in a queue, so I enter this queue and wait.

When it's my turn, I'm greeted by a woman dressed in black clothing. She asks me, "Did you have anything in mind?" (This seems like a question related to a job preference.) I reply, "Not really. I'm more like here if you need a spare hand or something." I then sit down on a couch next to other people, and that's it.


This wasn't a lucid dream and my level of awareness while experiencing it didn't seem noteworthy.

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