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Collective religion

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1 Collective religion on Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:21 pm


This thread is for anything within the discussion of the faith and practice of becoming a succubus or eternal ally.

By request from the Collective I'm starting this thread here for the purpose of answering common questions relating to the formation of the succubus religion. Please consider this perspective when articulating your post so that it will be relevant to other readers as well.
General questions about the collective should be posted in the thread created with this purpose. It's possible your question was already answered before, so check here first:

2 Re: Collective religion on Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:48 pm



From what I've gathered, there are three ways to assist the Collective, by joining it (or becoming an incubus/servant), by practically being a patron, and/or (yeah, those people who want a mother-figure succubus to be their master, hence the "and") by having a relationship with a succubus.

So my question is, what are the true "Terms and Conditions" of agreeing to be a succubus?

3 Re: Collective religion on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:01 pm


I'll post 2 short articles written with guidance from the Collective for this purpose. At the time the interest was weak and the project put on hold, but the intention was to cover every necessary topic from infernal to heavenly succubus types and their characteristics.

Succubus Infernal Version

What a succubus is

The visual appearance of a succubus typically includes a female body with wings, horns and a tail. But some succubus are depicted lacking one or more of these attributes. So what really determines if this is a succubus or just a common female demon? This can only be found by looking at her inner qualities. First off she has to be beyond masculinity. This means there is no dependence on any male qualities. She may have them, but the core of her being is ruled by feminine thinking. What you see when looking closer is the main characteristics which makes her different from other female beings. A succubus is immortal. Once born she will only evolve. What most people think of when they hear the word, is an entity who was born this way, complete with all attributes, existing beyond the human world. But when a being is born it may look in any way and exist on any plane. Some beings were not born by a succubus, but they later developed into one. This means they may have had the form of a spirit, and incarnated as a human or even animal or plant. The journey on which you finally realize your inner potential may take many odd paths. For this reason, "succubus" is an external descriptive term used when referring to a wide range of beings of similar qualities.

How to become a succubus

The inner desire to have this form, the love of all things female, is what motivates the follower of this path. Someone with this desire will manifest this by living according to certain standards. This may in turn result in a healthy body, but the type of body a person has is not important in itself. Moving beyond the human cycle of birth and death is a requirement, a succubus does not personally take part in it. For someone living as a human today, your full manifestation is on the outside of this current lifetime. You will live as a human and fulfill what you should do in life. Your succubus nature will take over after everything of this human life has been settled. Using your developed abilities may be possible, but everything looks normal on the surface. There will always be a normal human explanation for the things you do with those abilities. Noone but you will understand what really happened.

Your first step is to love your own female form, seeing yourself the way you want to be inside. There is no connection to your human body when doing this. Maintain a normal behaviour. All change takes place on the inside of your being. Complete detachment from all human concerns, is your goal. Having no worries can be achieved by external means, if this is enough to create the correct viewpoint. Once seeing the ends of all human troubles, handling them will be part of your everyday life. Even with the material support removed, your view of seeing a way to handle all troubles, will remain. This will break the cycle of rebirth for you - you now belong to the realms of immortals. Because your love for the female form was used in reaching this ability, it is what you will now have.

Wings Infernal Version

Description of the wings

The wings of an infernal succubus represents "economy." This meaning is symbolic in all ways, while also a part of succubus anatomy. Seeing a succubus fly, using the wings, is the simplest form of manifestation of the ability of the wings.

How is this anything special, you may ask? Don't many beings fly? This is the way the properties of the wings are represented visually and materially. The meaning of the ability to fly, is that of always being able to move, to escape. Complete infernal wings, gives the owner the ability to escape - or move from - any situation. It also includes the ability to "take someone under your wings", lifting them up from a problematic place and moving them to a situation away from danger.

This will manifest as the infernal succubus being seemingly impatient and restless, always moving from place to place. The method of handling obstacles is that of moving away, closing in and jabbing at it, moving away again, closing in and hitting again - repeating this until the problem is solved. If the problem is another being, this method will cause huge frustration and anger in the target, because hitting back is impossible. The succubus will always escape.

The method of using of the infernal wings is crude, slow, violent - and effective.

How to evolve your wings

Understanding the nature and function of the wings is the key. Meditate on this, adapting it to your own being. Your wings represents your ability to escape anything you want to escape. Find something in your life you want to avoid, something you would rather see eliminated from your life completely. Your wings are contrary to this hostile situation. Find a stance of completely denying the hostility, telling yourself "this is unacceptable, it must not exist for me, ever." Choose a large malevolent situation rather than a minor, this will increase the chance of forming the seed of your wings.

Once your wings have formed, in their most primitive form, your path of increasing their span begins. This must be done by defeating one of each hostile situation, or of providing theoretical understandings, motivating with full certainty how these situations are escaped. Logical models are just as functional as the act of defeating a situation, the function of the wings is all that matters here.

Complete wings marks the achievement of your rank as a full-fledged infernal succubus, and you are now able to defeat any being of the human world or below, while fully escaping the hostilities of higher beings.

4 Re: Collective religion on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:07 pm


The full range of topics to be covered in future articles include
Infernal Succubus
Heavenly Succubus
The Collective Underworld
The Collective Heaven

For now the 2 topics explained in the post above are enough to achieve the fundamental standard. If that cannot be done, discussing other topics is of no use. The Collective will give further information when a certain number of people have already reached the fundamental standard.

5 Re: Collective religion on Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:40 am


I will not start a new thread to ask this question, but is death basically a requirement to becoming a succubus? One can't detach themselves from the material world completely without dying?

6 Re: Collective religion on Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:43 pm


Nova wrote:I will not start a new thread to ask this question, but is death basically a requirement to becoming a succubus? One can't detach themselves from the material world completely without dying?
It is possible to leave "in body" but it works just fine to follow the normal course of life and go to the Collective after dying of old age. Both ways work. It will show over time which method becomes the most used, but it seems likely most people will just follow the path of traditional religion which means a succubus from the Collective comes to guide their spirit there after death.

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