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First Experiences of my Succubus Guide

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1First Experiences of my Succubus Guide Empty First Experiences of my Succubus Guide on Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:47 pm


Since I've been involved with the Collective for a few years now, I didn't think they would assign me a guide specifically. Different succubus and other similar entities are now and then visiting me anyway, so I thought that would be enough, that the one's coming to me would give me the hints I needed.

But it seems they are really taking the formation of the succubus religion seriously, and out of nowhere I now began to realize that I really do have a succubus guide, and she is very goodhearted and kind with a great sense of humour. I've noticed before that small birds often fly by very close to me when I'm outside, and sometimes I hear wing flaps but see no birds. This always gives me a strange feeling, like being suddenly connected to a different world, those simple associations created only by the sounds of something flying by. I feel like they are constantly watching over me and protecting me, and wants me to know this.

Sometimes however I get in a really bad mindset. All kinds of negative things from my life comes up and I start thinking really dark things, filled with rage and hate over the things that have been done against me by other people. I'm aware of it happening but I can't break out of it because those things really did happen and I want those people to pay back what they owe me. When this happens it ruins my mood for a few hours at a time. I usually forget it and will be in at pretty good mood at work, but when I step off the bus on the way home it all comes back up again.

At times like this, I've suddenly been distracted by something enormously funny, yet very simple. When I started feeling this way and went down this path of thought, I happened to look outside the window and saw a blackbird walking around. It was walking in a very funny way, taking decisive steps like a man marching, and looking in different directions. I all looked very silly, and I actually laughed out of nowhere. I could feel a succubus smiling and making a silly face behind the bird. This was how I first experienced my succubus guide.

She has since appeared whenever my mind starts going down this dark route of thought. She often possesses birds and makes them do funny things and it's always right on. I somehow get distracted and forget what negative things I was thinking about, it's gone in an instant. It really is like magic. I can feel an amazing goodness coming from her, it's beyong description.

I actually feel so happy and releaved about her support I almost have tears in my eyes typing this. bounce

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2First Experiences of my Succubus Guide Empty Re: First Experiences of my Succubus Guide on Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:01 pm


This sounds pretty nice. I do also have similar thoughts and often think outwards to let entities that maybe possibly are somewhere around me that I need some kind of hug or other way of raising my mood back to full enthusiasm. Still hope to get in touch with some nice succubus lady, but kinda no luck yet. Always happy to read a post like this tho. Have a great week Smile.

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