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A succubus is a succubus is a... or maybe not?

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Now I've some months time and quite some experiences with the spiritual. It has not all been positive, there was one complete break with the spiritual and ups and downs after trying again. In all that time, still to this day, I have kept adjusting constantly my views and understanding of all this. I had to look several times back, and re-evaluate what I have experienced, what it meant, why it happened or who I was in contact with.

When you start with this, it all seems so simple and clear... you get a succubus, enjoy your time, develop a relation, learn things... great! This is how most people view it and the most common general opinion that is presented here and there very prominently. But let me tell you, especially talking to newbies, things are not as simple as that!

No matter how many succubus blogs you'll read, your experience will be a different one. You have to understand, that there will be many things that won't have been shared, for different reasons, either because they are too intimately, some uncomfortable feeling is prominent in regard of that experience and so the person won't disclose it or simply because someone will immediately and happily blog about the positive experiences but might be more occupied with the negative ones in a different way to bother do so. There can be so many reasons, why you never will get the whole picture.

Now, something I would like to have many understand is very important.

At the beginning, you will have very little knowledge of how things work or even what everything is possible, what the entities are really capable of and even how they work, less even their specific personalities.

So unless you are natural talent in these things and can clearly recognize them, it's important to keep an open mind at all times and be prepared for things to be not like you thought they are or what you thought is happening, might have been completely different. That involves also, with who you are dealing, when you think you have a contact to a succubus or any other entity.

It might actually not be a succubus at all, and you might think it is. You should trust your instinct here, sometimes you will get clues by doing so and I encourage you, to trust your instinct and react on that feeling.

Personally I had contact with some entities I thought might have been such or they might have been another 2nd or 3rd succubus, but they weren't. Sexual yes, but not a succubus. When things happen, like that entity seem not capable to get you to an orgasm, or feeling that an orgasm feels more like forced, or the sexual activity stops and you wonder what's happening next, these might be good signs for that. I have experienced all these and also a succubus, especially the one that seem to be now with me is an immense difference in terms of sexual pleasure with before, from which I had to find out previously, not all were succubi. Now I hope, the current one giving me 9 intense orgasms in 4 minutes (I think probably to show me she's really one when a thought passed my mind based on previous experiences, as she has been only very gentle and slow otherwise) is truely one - otherwise, I would lose my hope in the whole spiritual world Wink

For whatever reason, your succubus might not intervene or might not be able to do so and protect you from some other. The other might be actually not harmful in his/her nature, but might be not what you want or be comfortable with...  this might be not reason enough for action. Heck, my unwanted sexual partner at some point declared himself even as my protector, as I had to find out through divination (I think that's what that skill is called?) and would protect me from malicious entities and harm, however as a demon have little to no interest on what my sexual preferences were.

This is another point very important to understand, when dealing with such. Your views might be not their views, especially with dark entities. Besides their personalities, their view of morals and their way of thinking and their view on the world can and probably will be not the same like yours or even like for humans in general. When you are dealing with such, it's similar like dealing with a different culture on earth (take as example going for dinner to indians or chinese in their country and presented food you would struggle to eat) and can be even a bigger difference than that. Because, you probably won't know or have heard anything from that culture before... it's more like a culture on an alien planet. The problem is, most people don't think of it this way and expect to find "their culture", even if it happens unconsciously.

So, please take my advice, as newbie (and not only) try to learn as many things you can about THEIR world and nature and thinking and abilities, and try to avoid as much you can to project your thinking, views, morals and even how things work on earth onto them. Because that's not how they do things or live. As I've learned, there are even things they are capable of doing, that no normal human would think of by default... not going into details here, but trust me on this.

I'm still learning every day, and I've understood many things occuring or experiencing only later truely, after re-evaluating them with new knowledge I gained, not just days, but some weeks or months later.


Jimy, your post is excellent, it should be a must read for anyone who thinks they want to pursue this type of relationship.  

Regarding personalities and such, as your relationship grows with them, it's good to set aside roles and what you think might be your sexual preferences, because they are extremely powerful when they want to be, and can and I bet will...push your limits on what you think you enjoy, sexually.  For example, one of mine is extremely dominant.  I never thought I'd enjoy being in a relationship like that, but I love it.  She takes control, brings me to sexual bliss doing things I'd never even thought of (won't go into too many details).  But, an example, for an hour and half she brought me to many orgasms, one after another, and finally I thought she might be done.  So, I asked her if I could take a break, and she started kissing me like crazy.  Then, out of nowhere, she made me go from flaccid to orgasm in just a few seconds.  That fast.  Boom, soft and used up, to hard and exploding in seconds.  

This is the same succubus, that wakes me up at night just to cuddle, and caress me back to sleep with a smile on my face.  She also never interferes with my life, work, friends, family, and such.  

She's dominant, takes complete control of intimate time, but respects me and is basically my soul mate, lover for life, I feel.  She never does anything that doesn't feel absolutely incredible.  

In short, they are amazing what they can do.  Things you'd never think possible.  They can read our minds and know us more intimately than any human possibly could.  But, they do each have personalities, and moods, and they show their emotions when interacting with us.  

I never thought I'd be in a relationship like this, but I love it, I love her, both of them.  

They are teachers, lovers, best friends and each new day is a new adventure.

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