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Connection strengthening: Your techniques and methods

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Over the years I have seen people ask others about how to strengthen the connection between themself and an entity, succubi or not. I felt this would be a good place for people to come and read other people's techniques, rituals or methods on strengthening or improving their bond or connection. If it's not on-going, you can at least come away with information for future interactions regarding entities of all kinds.

My technique:

I personally meditate on my other half's general being. I just sit calmly, relax, quiet my mind, and focus on her and feel her with my mind and body, which is something I was actualli recommended to do by her. Generally, the more you pay attention to sensations pertaining to spirits or entities, the more it can develop. You are showing a possible interest, you are showing a possible initiative, and the act of doing so is a form of using and applying energy in itself towards them. When we begin to make any sort of conscious effort, we use parts of our mind and spirit in the process, knowingly or unknowingly. Focussing on unusual or unknown to you sensations and symptoms that is coming from an entity can help improve the connection. For those of you who are perhaps just starting out, or are even well into something with a spirit or entity, remember to spend time thinking about them and focussing on them. You will learn things about your own abilities, it will help you learn to zone in on them and connect with them, possibly to the point of forming a mental dialogue (thoughts, feelings, etc), and you will be helping towards benefitting you both at that time, as well as in the future.

Feel free to share your techniques or methods. Evidence or good documentation of it's effects and legitimacy is particularly preferable Wink


Meditation, sitting down and clearing your mind - being aware of your thoughts without trying to control them - is probably a good place to start. You will need to discern what is your own thinking and what comes from outside, that is the basis of telepathic and possesive communication. I used to do this a lot. Just letting my mind wander and looking at the images that appeared as if from a 3rd person perspective. With time I learned to trace the ideas and analyze them, deconstruct them and see what is my own thinking and what was influenced by other people. This is the process of knowing yourself. It is a slow daily practice that gives small results over a longer time. You will gradually become aware of who you are, what you believe in and what your world of ideas consists of.

This will be very useful when you attempt telepathy. I did it first time unintentionally. I connected with another person, a complete stranger. I had been trying to contact different people before, mostly trying to create shared dreams at night. But that was never successful. This time I was fully awake and it just happened Exclamation

The connection formed and there was an instant and continuous exchange of images and sometimes sentences. The whole thing was very surprising. It may sound really weird even. I was watching a figure skating contest on tv, and I guess I was admiring one skater's skill and artistic quality a lot. I suddenly felt the point in my mind that was focusing on her, on her image, sort of collapsed. As if pushing on a wall, it breaks down and you find a long tunnel. I have not had any real life contact with this person, but we connected instantly.

Our dreams also connected, and I dreamed of doing figure skating like a pro on my kitchen floor, as if our minds had a direct connection all around the clock. This went on for a while, and it was really annoying at times. It seems this person had no problem to communicate this way at all, and she didn't seem surprised either. It was a very strange experience. After a while we decided to "hang up" and I stopped thinking about it.

Now that I recalled this, I think I'm going to contact her again. It was a very strong connection at once, I asked for images of what it looked like at her place, and received a constant stream of images of her city and surroundings in full color. I was really amazing. After this I started a project that is still ongoing, and I've been spiritually too busy to think of this first experience again.

It may be of significance to have positive feelings of the other person, as in this case, admiration. It puts you in a position of adapting to the other person rather than forcing the connection. That was probably what did it.

This experience also taught me, there are a lot of things "out there" we know nothing of, and a lot of people with skills we are unaware of. It's a new world opening and a new invisible community that becomes available. The astral plane has it's territories as well and different groups. They won't care about newbs and amateurs playing around, but if you get good at what you do, you will encounter these things.
Positive and negative.


Yes, meditation is the way to go. Lie down, clear your mind, and just spend time with them. Clear your thoughts, accept their energy, and let them know how much you appreciate them being with you. It can be quite a humbling experience.

At this point in our relationship, I specify what is intimate time, and what is sleep time, etc. For the most part they listen. My situation is that one of my succubi likes to be in control. So, during intimate time I let her know that this is her time, I want to make her happy, etc. Now, it's pretty much unspoken, we both know when to spend time together, and what's appropriate.

They are with me almost constantly though. If I'm out and about, or working, etc, they don't interfere. However, as soon as I sit down for a break, a lot of times they show me they are there. I get these leg energy massages that just feel amazing. I'm actually getting one now as I type. It almost feels like having your legs in a hot tub of energy, but that energy goes into your legs, your muscles and massages them. It really feels just fantastic. It's amazing what they can do. They are really the purest form of love there is.


Here's something regarding communication with entities, spirits and the like. I took this directly from our Succubi Chat, and feel it might be helpful for those who interested in such.

Riff: I am not particularly great at wording things regarding advice or tips pertaining to these kinds of questions

Riff: but I can say that focussing on 'feeling' with your mind is key

Riff: An example would be trying to feel what one of your ladies is feeling

Riff: Now, that sounds pretty uncut and a little loose, but that is literally what you do.

Riff: Sit quietly and just focus in your mind on one of them, and try to feel what they're feeling

Riff: doing so exercises your spiritual abilities

Riff: I do the exact same for my other half. I won't go into details on how I do it, as, again, I can't really describe it too well

Riff: but that is more or less what I do, and I can imagine what others do as well.

Riff: Mediums do more or less the same thing, although each individual is unique in how they feel and interpret information they are actually sensing or feeling

Riff: I find there are different ways of doing it, and it depends on how well they are tuned with you and how well they can tune into the different parts of your mind and spiritual abilities as you use them differently to make a connection, and to feel their thoughts

Riff: well, thoughts, feelings, etc.

Riff: I would recommend trying to read or sense other people, as well as the ladies with you that you speak of

Riff: practice it where you can, as, with a little concentration, you can practically do it anywhere

Riff: with that said, my other half can communicate with me through my mind in many different ways. Sometimes it'll be my thoughts/feelings coming into my head, sometimes it'll come through kind of 'underneath' my own thoughts just a little bit and i'll feel a slight pressure as the words come through in my head, which change and resonate with each word

Riff: and a bunch of other really subtle ways that I couldn't even begin to describe without repeating myself.

Riff: I can only speak on my other half's strong capabilities and abilities in regards to communicating with me and tuning in with me, as it is a two-way street. Both parties work from both ends, and you need to meet in the middle.

Riff: With that said, there are cases where people are naturally open to external thoughts, feelings or communications via entities or spirits, and feel they're not even trying to do anything like that in the first place

Riff: that I feel comes down to the mind set of said person, their frequency and vibration, as well as where they sit spiritually and mentally

Riff: and how capable an entity is at tuning in to that person's frequency.

Riff: Some entities, spirits or beings are more 'compatible' with people than others might be.

Riff: This can result in stronger, as well as deeper, connections between the two (or more, depending again on abilities and energies between one another).

Riff: Another thing; i'm not sure if this is something that happens to just me or not, but if I look down with my eyes a little below, I start to feel things a little clearer. When someone recalls something and is looking down with their eyes, they're often drawing upon feelings and emotions related to what they're saying, which is often a sign of truth and validity.

Riff: I sometimes look down with my eyes when translating thoughts/feelings from my other half, and it's a little like tuning the radio to the right frequency to make it clearer. I feel as I do so it goes between certain 'channels' or 'frequencies' within our connection and thoughts/feelings with one another. With that said, I generally require concentration and an attentitive mind set as a basis for communicating with her.

Feel free to add your own input or techniques.

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